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A Small Kitchen Causes Big Fire Damage in a Marina del Rey Home

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen Fire; fire damaged gas stove; smoke and soot on wall; melted handle on stove A small fire still produces a lot of smoke and soot. SERVPRO has the tools and cleaners to tackle any size fire damage restoration.

Fires of all Sizes Require Fire Damage Restoration Services in Marina del Rey

Homeowners in Marina del Rey may find themselves needing fire damage restoration services after a seemingly small kitchen fire erupts. Cabinets, food items, and personal belongings all suffer when flames and smoke make their way into every crevice. The smoke damage may even be exacerbated following the arrival of firefighters and the use of fire extinguishers, leaving the kitchen and its surrounding rooms in disarray.

When a Marina del Rey homeowner needs fire damage restoration services, SERVPRO is ready to help. Our reputable staff is available shortly after receiving your call and arrives at your home with equipment and knowledge of fire and smoke damage restoration. Whether the fire itself was protein-based or not, the effects tend to be larger than one would imagine, as smoke and soot travel quickly through the air and the home ventilation system. Documenting the process for insurance purposes is also essential, and you can rely on our team to assist as needed.

Critical to our success is matching each damaged surface to the appropriate cleaning solution. Also important is removing items beyond repair to curtail the spread of fire damage through unaffected areas. Our SERVPRO team applies its ample expertise and industry best practices, including the following, to protect and preserve as much of your home as possible:

  • Agitation to help dislodge soot and debris from surfaces
  • Application of EPA-approved cleaners keeping in mind the material of each item, i.e., organic vs. inorganic, and the abrasiveness of each cleaning solution
  • Use of advanced equipment such as wet-dry vacuums and ultrasonic devices to eliminate the fire’s remains

SERVPRO of Marina del Rey/ Westchester/ El Segundo provides premiere services to homeowners in the area. Contact us at (310) 333-0654 and let us handle your fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup needs.

Appliances Cause Water Damage to Marina del Rey Homes

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

Washing machine with brightly colored clothes during spin cycle. Faulty appliances are a primary cause of water damage each year. Check around your appliances often for signs of water leaks.

SERVPRO Helps Control Water Damage to Marina del Rey Properties

When we hear water damage followed by Marina del Rey, we think of storm damage and rising water levels. However, a malfunctioning appliance can be just as likely to create a water emergency in your home, leaving you in need of a reputable water restoration company. Identifying the best provider to meet your needs is the most crucial step in water damage repairs.

In Marina del Rey, SERVPRO provides water damage restoration services for those who need them. Fast to respond, our crew is used to handling the most challenging jobs while protecting your property and safety. Instead of assembling a team of workers yourself, reach out to our office around the clock and let us dispatch a crew of experts specialized in water removal services and water cleanup.

When an appliance malfunctions, the damage may go well beyond what is visible to the naked eye. 

At SERVPRO, we pay close attention to assessing the damage and identify problem areas with the aid of devices such as moisture meters and thermal cameras. With data in hand, we embark upon the actual water restoration process, including the following:

  • Water removal with extractors, pumps, and other specialized equipment such as drying mats 
  • Drying your home with air movers, dehumidifiers, and injecti-dry technology. This process may take some time to achieve optimal humidity levels in your home 
  • Anti-microbial solutions application to prevent mold growth and the spread of bacteria 
  • Drywall replacement and coordination with other necessary building contractors are also part of our water damage remediation services, as we strive to leave your home in mint condition

SERVPRO of Marina del Rey/ Westchester/ El Segundo is your ally when you need emergency services due to water damage. Contact us at (310) 333-0654 and let us leave your home feeling “Like it never even happened.”

How to Incorporate Fire Damage Cleanup in your Busy Life in Los Angeles

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damaged home; heavy smoke and soot on wall; debris on floor Fires leave debris and trying to clean it alone can be stressful. DIY restoration often is not effective. SERVPRO is equipped for fire damage cleanup.

Invite a Reputable Fire Restoration Company to Handle the Cleanup in your Los Angeles Home

The hectic pace in Los Angeles leaves homeowners with little time to dwell with fire damage cleanup. When an accident happens, whether in their own home or neighboring property, efficiency is paramount, as is receiving quality services. When mitigating your loss following a fire incident, relying on a certified fire restoration crew is your best option.

Residents can entrust fire damage cleanup in Los Angeles to our certified team at SERVPRO. Our staff trains under the guise of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the governing certification body in our industry. It prepares us for the most challenging jobs involving soot, smoke, and water remediation. Our fleet is readily available to procure the staff and equipment necessary to meet your fire damage and restoration needs when you reach our office.

Not surprisingly, fire damage restoration often includes addressing water damage, a by-product of the extinguishing efforts. As we arrive at your home, our SERVPRO team focuses primarily on successfully doing the following: 

  • Preventing cross-contamination throughout your home by establishing physical barriers between affected and unaffected areas. Plastic sheeting, negative pressure, and control over the ventilation system all help during this stage. 
  • Extracting water and controlling humidity levels using pumps, dehumidifiers, and extractors suitable for water volumes of varying sizes. 
  • Applying targeted cleaning solutions to each of your home’s surfaces based on their composition and pre-treatment testing results. 

At SERVPRO of Marina del Rey/ Westchester/El Segundo, we know your time is valuable, so we focus on speed and efficiency. Call us at (310) 333-0654 whenever you find yourself in need and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Common Water Damage Restoration Issues in Los Angeles Homes

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

White drainpipe under sink leaking Water from leaking pipes need fast removal. SERVPRO is always on call to restore your home.

Pipe Ruptures and Storm Damage Contribute Most to Water Damage in Los Angeles

Many Los Angeles residents suffer water damage without even realizing it, while others experience its immediate effects. The key to successfully overcoming this potentially catastrophic issue is quickly locating the offending water source, blocking it, and repairing the resulting damage before it gets worse.

SERVPRO, Los Angeles’ water damage restoration experts, is equipped and skilled at swiftly locating the causes of your home’s water-related problems. Foul, musty smells, inexplicable mold growths, basement flooding, and structural deterioration or collapse can result from one or more of the following causes:

  • Pipe network issues, like pipe freezes that occur after periods of sub-freezing temperatures and burst pipes encouraged by old, deteriorated pipe networks 
  • Ceiling leaks that result from storm damage or poorly maintained roof drainage networks
  • Old or damaged appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters that allow water to drip or improperly drain out of them
  • Leaky, corroded water containers that have been compromised
  • Groundwater that has infiltrated basement walls and produced significant standing water or puddling

Fortunately, SERVPRO has all the training and latest high-tech tools, like infrared cameras, moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermohygrometers, to expertly find all these various problems. Moreover, once we locate your home’s issue, we can perform almost any water removal services and water damage repairs you may need.

So, keep stay on the lookout for telltale signs of water-related issues and have your home routinely inspected. If you ever do have water damage, rest assured that we can likely complete any water damage restoration work your residence may require. Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey/Westchester/El Segundo at (310) 333-0654 for help.

How Do I Protect My Los Angeles Residence So It Doesn’t Need Fire Restoration Services?

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

Closeup of fire extinguisher being used Fires can occur at any time. Protect yourself by making sure your home is equipped with a working fire extinguisher.

There Are Some Actions You Can Utilize to Prevent Fires at Your Los Angeles Home

House fires are relatively common in the Los Angeles area. They can arise from any one of several environmental and human-related causes. Although some residential fires are impossible to prevent, many others are preventable, or their ultimate effects can be substantially reduced in severity.

The Los Angeles fire restoration experts at SERVPRO have some suggestions for local homeowners looking to prevent or mitigate the effects of fires in their homes. This information should help them avoid the worst fire and smoke damage and escape or lessen the cost of house fire cleanup, smoke remediation, and fire damage restoration. Some of the fire prevention and mitigation measures our trained professionals suggest are:

  • Always keeping a watchful eye on things you are cooking and never leaving them unattended
  • Always have a working ABC fire extinguisher in the kitchen so you can quickly extinguish small wood, paper, cloth, grease, oil, and electrical fires before they grow too big
  • Knowing how to put out various types of fires you are likely to encounter in your home, so you know what to do if the unthinkable ever happens
  • Refraining from smoking while lying on the couch or bed
  • Not allowing trees or bushes to grow too near your residence and keeping your yard free of clutter and yard debris like leaves and fallen tree limbs
  • Teaching your children not to play with fire or cooking appliances

With all that said, if you ever do need fire restoration services, don’t hesitate to call your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey/Westchester/El Segundo for assistance. We are available for your call 24/7 at (310) 333-0654.

Why Is SERVPRO One of the Best Mold Remediation Services in Los Angeles?

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Heavy mold on wall and ceiling With the right conditions, mold can quickly grow. SERVPRO is the trusted source for mold damage remediation.

SERVPRO’s Technicians and Powerful Resources Are Locally Based in Los Angeles

When your home is impacted by severe mold damage, you want help from a mold remediation company with locally based resources. Unlike many other services in Los Angeles, SERVPRO’s technicians are your neighbors, and its high-tech equipment is housed nearby and ready for use.

SERVPRO’s Los Angeles mold remediation professionals live and work in your community and are dedicated to preserving it. Our mold inspection and mold remediation tools are also located in nearby facilities. While all of this may not seem so important at first, it does have a significant impact on how quickly and effectively your residence’s mold damage is cleaned up and restored because:

  • When technicians and equipment are located nearby, workers are less likely to get lost or have logistical issues, and it is easier for services to begin more quickly
  • Mold specialists based locally know the most common mold issues Angelenos are likely to face and usually know where to look for them
  • Neighborhood services can more easily provide ongoing services like routine mold inspection and future mold removal, if necessary
  • A Los Angeles-based business with employees living in the area is more mindful of its professional reputation in this community and more dedicated to maintaining it
  • If there are problems that later need to be corrected, a nearby company is easier to contact to have them fixed

So, if your Los Angeles home ever suffers mold damage, remember that your helpful neighborhood SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey/Westchester/El Segundo can often provide you with better mold remediation services than other area companies. Call us at (310) 333-0654 whenever you need our assistance.

Does SERVPRO Provide Flood Damage Reconstruction in Marina Del Rey?

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

Storm clouds against night sky; lightning coming from clouds SERVPRO is the trusted resource for all your storm damage repairs.

SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Mitigation and Reconstruction in Marina Del Rey

Most homeowners want to deal with one company after a storm causes flood damage to their Marina Del Rey home. Many become very frustrated at dealing with a flood damage removal company to remove floodwaters and debris, dry their home and find contractors to restore their homes. All the damage, such as drywall replacement, new floors, new windows, doors, or perhaps a new roof, involves many different contractors. The list goes on and on.

SERVPRO not only provides flood damage mitigation in Marina Del Rey, but we are also a fully registered licensed and bonded construction company. Our team can clean up the flood damage, remove the water and moisture, dry your residence, and complete all the required repairs, “Like it never even happened.”

Our fast response team can be onsite within four hours of your call providing emergency services to reduce further damage from rain and flooding.

We provide:

  • Emergency board up and tarpaulin service for broken windows and punctured roofs
  • Removal of debris, water, bacterial, virus, and chemical-laden material from your home.
  • Restoration and rebuild as needed for your storm-damaged home.

Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo for flood damage in Marina Del Rey and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (310) 333-0654.

Can SERVPRO Restore a Commercial Fire Damaged Business in Marina Del Rey?

8/3/2021 (Permalink)

Close-up of hand holding wallet and single dollar bills. Fire burning dollar bills. Don’t let fire damage burn your revenues! Call SERVPRO for fast restoration.

SERVPRO can Restore Fire Damaged Structures in Marina Del Rey

Anytime there is a fire, it is devastating to those involved. A commercial fire affects much more than the building and its owners. The fire impacts the business, the employees and their families, and the many customers and suppliers. The company may have to close until repairs are completed, and employees may be out of work until it reopens.

SERVPRO is very much aware of all of these impacts, and that’s why we respond to fire-damaged commercial offices in Marina Del Rey as quickly as possible. As soon as the firemen have left, we can start clearing out the damaged contents and structural components, removing water, cleaning soot residue, and drying the structure.

We make sure that all odors are removed before beginning the rebuild process. We are a licensed contractor in the state and can move seamlessly from cleaning and drying to demolition if needed and then reconstructing the building.

We manage all aspects of the repair of your fire damaged commercial building:

Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo for fire damage in Marina Del Rey and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (310) 333-0654.

SERVPRO Provides Repairs for Flood Damaged Homes in Los Angeles

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Looking outside of window during storm. Heavy rain; palm trees in background When storm damage happens, SERVPRO is there. We quickly mobilize to be at your home quickly to begin the restoration process.

We Have Special Flood Damage Teams on Standby in Case of Emergencies

High winds and torrential rains can cause a great deal of damage to homes in Los Angeles. Broken windows, roof punctures caused by debris blown by high gusts can damage your home and allow rain to penetrate your home. Floodwaters pick up sand, silt, bacteria, viruses, biological and chemical materials. In addition to the health risk, the structure of your home may also be compromised.

SERVPRO can help with flood damage in Los Angeles and damage caused by high winds. Our team can evaluate the structural damage and verify if it is safe to enter the building. We can also board up windows and spread tarps over a damaged roof to prevent additional moisture from entering the building.

Floodwaters can carry a great deal of debris inside the house. Our team evaluates the damage and the presence of biological or chemical agents before entry. We also check for water trapped in ceilings, inside walls, and cavities.

We can remove the water and debris and restore your home or business, “Like it never even happened.” Our services include:

  • Biohazard remediation
  • Flood damage restoration
  • Emergency Services storm damage repairs and restoration

Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo for flood damage in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (310) 333-0654.

SERVPRO is the First Choice of Los Angeles Homeowners When It Comes to Fire Damage Cleanup

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector. No one wants lingering smoke odors in their home. Our SERVPRO team can restore your smoke and soot damage.

Los Angeles Homeowners Value SERVPRO's Fast and Efficient Fire Damage Cleanup 

Combating odors is a significant aspect of professional fire damage cleanup of your Los Angeles home. SERVPRO has a highly trained team of experts who take a scientific approach to odor control after fire damage. Our experts can neutralize even the most pungent odors by understanding the behavior of smoke and odor-causing molecules.  

SERVPRO's IICRC Certified Odor Control Technicians (OCTs) use several methods and equipment during fire damage cleanup of your Los Angeles home to get your home smelling "Like it never even happened." We use deodorizers that can either mask the odor-causing molecules or can neutralize them by a chemical action. The type of deodorizer and the equipment used to apply it depend on the odor's variety and intensity, among other factors. 

What is Wet Fogging that SERVPRO Restorers Use During House Fire Cleanup in Los Angeles?

Wet fogging or misting is a deodorizing technique that SERVPRO experts use to combat odors during smoke remediation in Los Angeles homes. It involves the use of equipment called Ultra Low Volume (ULV) mister. 

The ULV mister can break down the deodorizer into tiny particles (20-60 microns). These particles are miniscule enough that they can invade most areas where the odor-causing residue accumulates. As ULV misters can apply the deodorant to a wide area, they are used to deodorize crawl spaces and attics during fire restoration. The particles produced by a ULV mister can stay suspended in the air for a few hours, continuing to neutralize the odor-causing molecules. 

Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo at (310) 333-0654; we are here to help you round the clock.