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SERVPRO Recommends Rapid Water Removal to Mitigate Damages to Los Angeles Condos

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

View thru a car windshield of tall commercial buildings and traffic SERVPRO’s Technicians and Equipment Excel at High-Rise Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Throughout the Los Angeles Area

Why Water Damage in Los Angeles Must Get Addressed Quickly

In emergencies that require fast actions to reduce loss from water migration from plumbing breaches in your Los Angeles condo, you might have many people telling you the importance of getting the damage dried out right away. While you want to return to routine life as quickly as possible, there are other vital reasons why our commitment to arriving fast after a damaging water loss incident is what you need.

No matter how severe damage can become, even to the point of needing water removal for Los Angeles properties, securing professional restoration and recovery services is a wise choice for your property. Our SERVPRO team can get to work quickly on our mitigation process, which is a phase of our restoration services designed to reduce the cost and severity of losses in your house during a crisis. Because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, we can offer benefits you are unlikely to experience even with DIY methods.

Structural Deterioration

One of the areas of grave concern for property owners working with substantial losses that require extraction is the effect this standing water can have on structural elements and construction materials. With the premier construction and expensive materials used to construct the top-tier condominiums throughout the Los Angeles area, reducing this saturation and ultimate deterioration is one of the main objectives of our SERVPRO mitigation team. In a building constructed with common walls and floor levels, protecting the property of your neighbors can not only be the right thing to do but also keep you out of legal jeopardy.

Mold Colonization and Growth

Along these same lines, prolonged moisture and dampness can have even more detrimental effects when you have passed the critical 48-hour threshold from initial exposure. Present mold spores in the environment germinate with the moisture and find the food source necessary to colonize. Most building materials have some cellulose base, they are organic materials, and the fungi develop. Remediation is an added expense that can often get avoided by a prompt response to the property by our experienced restoration technicians.

There are many reasons that a fast reaction to a water incident can better protect your home from substantial losses. From water removal to rapid drying, you can count on our SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo team to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (310) 333-0654.

Firefighters from the Air and SERVPRO Restoring Homes in the Santa Monica Area from the Ground Battle Wildfires

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

Image of a Red Map of California, with a burning house, a heart, and the words Be Safe California SERVPRO Says to All Californians—Be Safe During Wildfire Season

Why SERVPRO Recommends Careful, Strategic Landscaping to Minimize Impact from Wildfires to Homes in Los Angeles

All fire needs some kind of fuel to continue burning, regardless of how powerful the blaze might seem. Wildfires are no exception. They cause damage to homes and businesses, and unfortunately, this can happen in Los Angeles, just like it does in more out-of-the-way locations.

The research data provided by the USDA's Forest Service is why SERVPRO recommends homeowners check their Los Angeles home's current landscaping. Certain arrangements, as well as a few specific items, can significantly increase your residence's risk of succumbing to a wildfire. Other items can minimize the risk to your property. Knowing the difference and acting on that knowledge can keep your home protected. Many families have returned after an evacuation to find their home undamaged while their neighbors fared much worse.

The Forest Service explains that there are three zones outside your home. Each zone provides a buffer against wildfires. Increasing the number of protective elements in each zone and decreasing the ones that permit fire to cone closer to your property.

In Zone 1, which spans directly next to the house and other buildings on the property to five feet away, At this close proximity, nothing combustible should exist. This includes welcome mats and many flower boxes or plant containers. These small objects can ignite the door, its frame, or other objects near the house. Mulched areas or spots with wood chips can also ignite and catch the siding of the house on fire. Embers can travel a long way because of their source. As the uppermost branches of taller trees burn, segments fall downward, still burning, with the fall causing them to grow even hotter. Large enough pieces can still burn after hitting the ground, breaking into smaller pieces.

In Zone 2, lawn furniture and shrubs placed between five and 30 feet away from structures on your property can give wildfires a pathway up to your house. Many ornamental plants are more likely to ignite because of the amount of wax, oil, or resin in their leaves and branches. Wood piles often catch fire during a wildfire, and it is recommended that homeowners place them at least 30 feet away from the house. This also helps to keep the termites away. The California lilac is one example of a fire-resistant plant that can help homeowners build an effective fire break around their home. Others include replacing fruit trees for conifers or pines, and water-loving ground covers, and shrubs like honeysuckle or sumac, instead of paving a walkway with wood chips or other materials that can burn, pave with concrete. Rubber chips or pellets under playground equipment can also ignite and burn much hotter than the wildfire. SERVPRO understands that these are stringent precautions and not easily accomplished, but SAFETY first.

Farther away from the structure, but still relevant is Zone 3. Starting at 30 feet away and reaching out to a hundred feet, the larger trees found on your property should occur in groups of three or less, and at least 30 feet apart. Shorter trees planted singly and spaced 20 feet apart have the same effect at minimizing risk. Regardless of where trees are located on your property, any branches that overhang the house or garage need to be trimmed.

Brush, dead leaves, dried grass clippings, pine needles that accumulate under trees are considered fine fuels and they can allow a wildfire to spread rapidly across your property and engulf your home. Eliminating these regularly protects your family, as well.

SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo knows how important your family's safety is to you. We hope you use these tips to ensure your Playa del Rey or Playa Vista's property remains unaffected by wildfires. Contact us at (310) 333-0654 if you need help restoring your house or other property.

How Professional Assistance Helps After A Fire in Los Angeles

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

Furniture in room after burned by fire with smoke and dust in burn scene Our fire damage experts can save your home!

Ways Professional Assistance Helps During Fire Damage Incidents in Los Angeles

A fire incident might not be that severe but still lead to widespread damages in your Los Angeles property. Such outcomes are common after incidents such as stove flare-ups and grease fires in the kitchen or incidents caused by malfunctioning electrical appliances. Calling a professional restoration service to help you clean up and restore your property after fire damage presents many benefits.

A Deeper Understanding of an Incident

When you look at the outcome of a fire damage incident in Los Angeles, you probably only see the blackened surfaces and charred materials. With such an outlook, you might not prepare well for the restoration process. Our SERVPRO technicians scope the loss site to establish the types of residues left and how far they spread throughout the property to determine the best response plan. The following types of residues left by fires are difficult to clean:

  • Protein Smoke Residues
  • Wet Smoke Residues Especially From Synthetic Materials
  • Fuel Oil Smoke Residues
  • Invisible Smoke Residues

Moving Resources

Cleaning a fire-damaged property involves considerable levels of movement of items and contents. There is a need to remove items from affected rooms to create room for cleaning and other restoration steps. Damaged materials also form debris that requires moving out of the facility. Our SERVPRO crews have resources to address all the moving needs that arise. We have hand trucks that help ease the movement of massive contents around the property. We also have heavy-duty plastic bags and other temporary storage materials to ensure the safe transfer of demolished materials from the house.

Best Deodorization Solutions

Bad odor is likely to linger in your property after a fire incident requiring elaborate deodorization efforts. Several approaches can help deodorize the affected property. However, some might not be very effective or might cause additional damages. Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate the types of odors and materials present to determine the best deodorization solution. In many cases, we use pairing agents and masking agents. The most common solutions are humectants, which combine with airborne odor particles leading to precipitation on surfaces. We also use neutralizers, which chemically change the odor particles.

A better understanding of fire damage helps produce better results. Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo at (310) 333-0654 to help restore your property. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Act Fast In Los Angeles To Restore Your Home

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

An air mover and dehumidifier set up in a room drying the floor The air mover and the LGR dehumidifier ensure that we reach our drying goals and preserve your home.

Steps that Help During Water Removal from Affected Los Angeles Homes

Presence of water in unwanted areas of your home can cause great inconvenience or damages. Removing the water fast and adequately helps prevent severe damages and reverses some of the adverse effects. To accomplish such an outcome when your Los Angeles home is affected, several steps might be necessary.

Use of Light and Deep Extraction Tools

Using different types of tools can help ease water removal from your Los Angeles home. Depending on the source of the leak and configuration of your house, the water might pool in some areas. Light wands can help lift such water fast. In carpeted areas, the wand might not be handy because the fabric absorbs and holds on to water. Our SERVPRO technicians can use weighted tools such as Water Claws or Ride-on High Volume Extractors, which boost traditional extraction by adding weight, which squeezes out water from the carpet fabric.

Content Manipulation

Most of the areas in your home have heavy or bulky contents such as couches, beds, and even appliances. Unfortunately, when water spills, the spread patterns are indiscriminate so the contents can hamper the removal process. Moving the contents out of the way is not easy because of the weight and bulkiness. Our SERVPRO technicians help ease content movement in many ways. For example, we have hand trucks, which simplify the process of moving heavy items around the house. If the water damage is significant, we can also move out all contents to an external storage facility.

Controlled Demolition

Building materials such as drywall, wood, and others absorb water when there is a spill. Apart from that, they might conceal wet areas. Removing the wet materials or opening up cavities is essential, but it requires the right approach to achieve the appropriate outcome. Our SERVPRO technicians perform various controlled demolition steps including making flood cuts, punching vent holes, removing door and window trims among others, based on the specifics of the loss site.

Recovery from a water spill requires deliberate steps, performed promptly. Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo at (310) 333-0654 when your property is affected. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Team Has Effective Techniques To Handle Water Damage Restoration In Los Angeles

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

phone in the Emergency Ready App and a caption saying “Put Help in the Palm of your Hand with the Ready Plan App.” The Emergency Ready App can help you prepare for water damage emergencies.

Be Prepared for Water Removal Challenges in Los Angeles with an Emergency Ready Plan

Adding stress to an already frustrating situation is your well-founded fear that a water loss in your Los Angeles business can shut your doors for good. Statistics reveal that nearly 50 percent of companies that do no disaster planning find it difficult to impossible to recover from the disruption after a significant plumbing leak or appliance malfunction. Take advantage of our experience in the water emergency response industry to make preparations to protect your business.

When faced with a water removal crisis, savvy Los Angeles business owners turn immediately to the blueprint for fast recovery developed in advance with our help. Our Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) allows us to collaborate with our customers ahead of the problem. Since we become well-acquainted with your business layout and method of operation ahead of time, our crews hit the ground running, turning a water disaster into “Like it never even happened” fast.

The first step of creating an ERP is a visit by one of our experienced project managers to your commercial property. SERVPRO reviews the layout of your physical plant, identifying crucial details like the location of utility shut-offs, plumbing diagrams, and positioning of water-using appliances and equipment. We learn how you conduct your business and are on the lookout for adaptations that might minimize exposure to water damage to critical equipment and your inventories and storage areas.

Expect a list of practical suggestions from SERVPRO that you can follow to limit the water damage if your property experiences a water crisis. Rethinking storage of documents or raising equipment above the floor can make a plumbing break an inconvenience rather than a business-ending catastrophe.

You personalize the Profile sections of the ERP by using our mobile app. Questions prompt you to fill in the details that help us respond appropriately and with deliberate speed. SERVPRO can gain valuable information from the vendors and contractors who installed your equipment or designed your systems. You can include their contact information. To ensure that we have an active contact for your business at all times, the Profile can designate a list of employees or other individuals who can act on your behalf if you are out of town or unavailable.

Work with SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo ahead of any commercial property water removal emergency for the best outcome. Call (310) 333-0654 now to schedule our assessment to begin the ERP creation process.

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Our Experts Discuss Why Cleaning Is Essential For Your Flood Damaged Los Angeles Apartment

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen tile floor covered in a layer of water Our experts can help save your home after a flood.

Why Cleaning Is Critical In Flooded Los Angeles Apartments

Contamination is always a concern when flooding affects Los Angeles structures. With how quickly these water loss incidents can spread when flooding occurs in apartment buildings, it can be a very destructive presence. When combined with the threat of contaminants and bacterial risks that could exist in natural floodwater, cleaning by professional technicians becomes a critical need.

Flood damage in Los Angeles apartments can be problematic enough without the added concerns of contamination. We classify water into three potential categories based on suspected threats. These classifications help to steer how restoration and recovery efforts occur in an apartment, and what precautionary protective equipment or cleaning practices must get utilized along with our traditional extraction, drying, and recovery.

Class 1

Water deemed to be a class 1 threat poses little to no risk to our SERVPRO team or the property itself beyond the typical saturation and exposure concerns of a water loss incident. This classification is considered in the same level of plumbing breaches, as there are no immediate threats of contamination or bacterial presence.

Class 2 

Gray water is another way to describe flooding classified at this level. While not as potentially toxic and dangerous as the next level, the threat of contamination and bacteria cannot be entirely ruled out. The water must get treated with a degree of precaution, and cleaning must reflect a need for disinfection.

Class 3 

Class 3 water loss incidents can also get called black water losses. These situations come with a substantial risk of bacterial presence and contaminants. Natural flooding can often get immediately deemed Class 3 when foreign contaminants, including sewage, cannot be entirely ruled out.

With a classification designated, we can utilize the appropriate disinfection processes, or even controlled demolition techniques to reduce the present threat in your unit. Our high-capacity extraction and rapid drying solutions can also help to prevent other neighboring apartments from contending with this same damaging water loss incident.

Our restoration specialists understand how to navigate even substantially hazardous conditions to make flood losses in your apartment and adjacent units “Like it never even happened.” You can count on the expertise and the fast response of our SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo team to help however you need. Give us a call today at (310) 333-0654.

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When a False Alarm Triggers Water Sprinklers in Your Los Angeles Office

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Suppression Sprinkler When sprinklers accidentally are discharged, call SERVPRO to get your business back up and running with the least amount of down time.

Commercial Water Removal Los Angeles – False Alarm Triggers Water Sprinklers

The client is still not sure what triggered the sprinklers in their office; however, after water was raining down on the office for thirty minutes, the sprinklers were finally shut off.  None of the computers were working, and paperwork on the desks was soaked. There was a variety of manuals and personal items belonging to employees that were also wet.

The office manager called SERVPRO for commercial water removal services at our Los Angeles office. The manager stressed that the office must be back up and running within 24 hours, or his company would lose a great deal of business to their competitors. We understand these situations and how important it is to help commercial clients with water removal issues like this. We stressed that we could not help him with the computer and electronic recovery other than dry the outside of each item and remove them to a dry, secure location.

We wiped and dried all the computer cases. We focused on removing all books and documents that were protected by cabinets or somehow missed being drenched by the water. The remaining documents and manuals were laid out to dry on tables. The client was unwilling for any of these documents to leave the building due to privacy issues. Air-drying documents in this manner took longer than other methods; however, the customer's privacy needs are considered an essential service by SERVPRO.

All of the furniture was placed on blocks to avoid leaving rust marks on the carpeting. High capacity water removal machines vacuumed the water. Air movers were brought in and placed at strategic locations to blow air across the floor and out various exits. Dry air was drawn into the area while the moist air was exhausted out of the building. SERVPRO technicians regularly repositioned the air movers to ensure that all areas of the room were adequately dried.

It took the client longer than he anticipated to recover all the computing systems. However, he was delighted with the recovery and restoration services provided by our team.

Call SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo at (310) 333-0654 for 24/7 serve. We serve Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, LAX, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Water Damage Professionals Will Save Your Los Angeles Home

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water seeping up drywall with mold developing at the bottom We spend extra time on water extraction and damaged building material removal to lessen the drying process and also treat for mold.

Summer Vacation Blues: Water Damage In Los Angeles Home

Planning the perfect vacation does not include water damage while you are gone, but it happens. When a pipe breaks or other water loss incident occurs in your home, the water quickly passes through stages. The first stage is clean water, the next after 24 hours is gray water which may contain some bacteria, and finally, after 48 hours, the designation is black water which has the potential to be harmful to due bacteria or other contaminants.

When a property owner in Los Angeles arrived home to water damage and found his carpets and first floor of his house soaked from a pipe break that occurred while he was away on vacation, his second call after talking to his adjuster was to SERVPRO. 

Upon arrival, our technicians:
• Scope the room for all areas of excessive moisture
• Test the water quality they are cleaning up
• Determine the restorability potential for possession through our proprietary methods
• Move or pack out furniture for cleaning in another area of the home or our facility

We extracted the water and determined the carpet, and padding was a loss in this case due to the length of time exposure occurred. After the water removal, we cut the carpet into strips for safer handling and disposal with the adjuster's permission. Our technicians then worked on drying the property and getting it ready for new carpet installation.

Water flowed behind the baseboards, but since they were made of hardwood, and showed no signs of warping despite prolonged exposure to dampness, SERVPRO technicians were able to clean and disinfect them for reuse.

The water wicked into the sheetrock in only a few areas and damaged the lower portion of some of the sheetrock which we cut away in preparation for drying. We spend extra time on water extraction and damaged building material removal to lessen the drying process and also treat for mold to ensure that it was not an issue after the completion of mitigation efforts. Once dry, we disinfected the water loss areas and treated to neutralize odors, so the rooms were ready for new carpet installation.

SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo is available 24/7 at (310) 333-0654 to help local property owners lessen their loss from water damage and with our training and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

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Los Angeles Experts Talk About how Commercial Water Damage can Cause Dry Rot

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is equipped for commercial and residential water damage. Call us today!

Addressing Dry Rot after a Commercial Water Damage Experience in Your Los Angeles Business

There is no better moment for a commercial water damage event to strike. Your goal is to minimize damage and the related costs, as well as to keep your business running.  That is why all business owners in Los Angeles need to be aware of the advanced technology, equipment, and where to get an immediate response as they work to get their business back up and running within the shortest time possible.

If you are running a furniture business in Los Angeles and it experiences a water damage event, there is no need to panic. Our SERVPRO technicians understand that you need to deal with effects such as dry rot. Dry rot usually develops when wood rots after coming into contact with water and is a form of decay. It is a common situation experienced by those who deal with wood which is cured and used for construction purposes. When the wood comes into contact with additional moisture, there is a possibility of molds growing. We are here to bring to you ways of addressing dry rot and performing the necessary repairs.

Before you can start addressing dry rot, make sure you are working from a dry surface. By doing that, you ensure the moisture conditions which might have caused the problem do not exist in the room. To absorb the additional moisture from an office, our SERVPRO technicians recommend the use of a dehumidifier. At this point, we are ready to start removing the rot from the wood.

Chipping out the rot from the affected sections is the next step. This step prevents mold from spreading to uninfected parts of the wood. You can use a woodworking tool or a knife to do the chipping. To avoid exposing your bare hands to the fungi, we advise you to wear gloves. If the wood is part of a structure that is not severely damaged, you can create appropriate sectors of the wood where the filler is to be placed later on as a way of retaining the structure's shape.

Application of a wood stabilizer on the section where you removed the rot from can also prevent further chemical reactions and rotting. Once the stabilizer is dry, it is time to apply a grain filler on the wood's porous surface. If you are not a DIY enthusiast, then consider working with certified professionals such as our team from SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo offers a wide range of services to clients after a commercial water damage experience. Call (310) 333-0654 and have all your concerns addressed.

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LA Folks Rely on SERVPRO for Safe Stormwater Cleanup and Restoration

7/27/2019 (Permalink)

For Storm-Damaged Properties in Los Angeles--SERVPRO Is at Your Service

Dealing with Water Contamination after Flood Damage in Your Los Angeles Residence

Flood damage Los Angeles
Road overflow or flash flooding can result in a contaminated supply of water entering your property. Overnight, these problems can intensify, causing lasting damage to your home and contents. Our large loss recovery team is here to help protect your home from further losses and restore it to a pre-flood condition. We employee local technicians that are available on-call to perform out-of-hours emergency services for residents in this community that has been afflicted by flash flooding.

Black Water Can Contain Pathogens, Chemicals, and Pesticides
One of the main challenges a technician faces when restoring flood damage in your Los Angeles home is contaminated water. Floodwaters may have traveled several miles before reaching your property and have picked up all kinds of pathogens along the way. These may include animal carcasses, raw sewage, chemicals, pollutants or other pathogens that have entered your property in floodwater.

The safety precautions against contaminants may require some regions of the house to be cordoned off using physical barriers. To prevent the spread of toxic materials, SERVPRO technicians can establish clean rooms as well as laying down pathways between areas of the home to avoid pathogens being transported on shoes, clothing, or equipment.  

Solid waste must be sealed up in waste bags and taken with us for safe disposal at a Biohazardous waste facility. SERVPRO must also carry out controlled demolitions of the drywall as well as the removal and disposal of porous materials like carpeting or fabrics. With contaminated materials thoroughly removed, we can then thoroughly disinfect the area to return your home to a safe, liveable environment.  

To Improve IAQ Indoor Air Quality
Malodors are common in flood restoration services with powerful disinfectants adding to the issue. Once a SERVPRO technician is satisfied, the property is clean; we can use pressure spray equipment to thoroughly deodorize the affected area with odor masking solvents to remove malodors. Box fans may need to be placed overnight to exchange the air and restore natural indoor air quality.  Depending on the source of the odors, we also used air scrubbers to trap particles or hydroxyl generators to alter the foul-smelling compounds chemically.

Contaminated floodwaters require specific procedures to return your home to a sanitary condition. Contact SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo for emergency assistance. (310) 333-0654

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