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Water Damage - Los Angeles

Water damage at this Los Angeles office building was caused by a break in a water line contained within the wall. As the photo shows, there was a lot of water d... READ MORE

Storm Water Loss in Los Angeles

An open window in this finished basement in Los Angeles let a driving rain drench the carpeting and furnishings. The Before Photo illustrates the wet mess. SERV... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Basement in El Segundo

Improperly stored flammable products like paints, oils, and fuels can lead to flare-ups causing fire and smoke damage. Even when quickly extinguished, the water... READ MORE

Water Damage Hobby Room in Marina del Rey

Water from a broken toilet line can flood a bathroom in Marina del Rey and continue to soak through carpeting in adjacent rooms. Tile floors are typically not d... READ MORE

Marina del Rey Sewage Cleanup Service Needed

The public restroom in a Marina del Rey office building backed up and spewed raw sewage onto the floor. This is considered "black water," highly contaminated wi... READ MORE

Mold Damage In El Segundo

When mold is growing in your garage, you need the help of a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Los Angeles Office Building

Storm damage at this Los Angeles office building occurred when the roof was damaged during a bad storm. The breach in the roof led to severe flooding of the top... READ MORE

Marina del Rey Fire-Damaged Rental

Carelessness from a lit cigarette led to another firey mess in a Marina del Rey rental house. The fire deposited a lot of soot into several adjoining rooms to t... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Los Angeles

Commercial water damage occurred at this Los Angeles business over a long weekend by the time the water damage was discovered the standing water was several inc... READ MORE

Marina del Rey Water Damage

This small office structure in Marina del Rey suffered significant water damage from a busted pipe that leaked overnight. When SERVPRO is called out to rectify ... READ MORE